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Tough Two Weeks for APD

I have held my tongue until more facts came out on the situation.  What has upset me is that everyone is generalizing the entire Austin Police Department (APD) as something they hate.  I have lost a family member in the line of duty and still have many family members that are in law enforcement, including my younger brother who is APD.

Two weeks ago an officer had to take a life because a convict (twice the size of the officer) was trying to take his life by strangling him with his microphone cord.  Two 911 calls from witnesses support that.  Race does not matter, a criminal is a criminal, stop making it about race.

Hours later, APD lost one of their own.  Two heroes emerged from it, one being an old friend of mine.  I could only hope to have the same amount of courage as you did Lincoln, thank you, the City of Austin will forever be indebted to you.

This past weekend a dispatcher gave a call for a domestic disturbance.  In the call the dispatcher gave the description of a drunk man with a gun.  The biggest error was that the dispatcher gave the officer the incorrect address to the call.  Knowing that there is a drunk with a gun, the officer walked into what he thought was the scene with his firearm drawn.  We all know what just happened with an armed drunk.  I believe that is the only reason that Cisco was shot.  If his firearm was holstered, I am sure Paxton would have had enough time to control Cisco.  Cisco is an Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Healer).  All dogs (at least the good ones) want to protect their owner/master, it is instinct.

I wish this last situation would have never happened just because I am a dog lover.  But with the media today, everything is a story.  With the last report on Cisco, he has two police reports.  One where he bit a woman and another where Paxton actually was able to prevent another attack.  He is a cattle dog, it is in his instinct to charge things.  Paxton has been eating up all the media attention he could get until someone calls about the police reports.  This is where I drew the line.  I am sorry about Cisco, he seemed like a loyal pet and family member but your media attention is now insulting my police department and I can not stand by anymore.

For anyone who wants to leave this great city, please let me know, I can wrangler up a few friends to help you on your way.  Thank you Lincoln LeMere, your co-worker and everyone at APD!

@meh1214 do you agree @diggety12 should get her kids off mainstream music and more stuff like St. Vincent?  I can see Austin being more the artsy type.  FYI, I have a little crush on Annie Clark.  I fell in love with her the first time I saw her on Letterman.


Fitting with the Tumblr name change.

Fitting with the Tumblr name change.